Healthy from the Inside OUT!

by Heidi Smith in ,

Our bodies are constantly in a state of renewal. You can tell that your skin is constantly renewing by seeing the dead skin slough off and the new skin is there underneath. Every part of your body goes through a renewal process: new cells are being created, and the old cells are being destroyed. Every part of your body goes through this process – muscle cells, skin cells, brain cells, bone cells, the cells in your organs, even the walls of your blood vessels. A cell has a limited life span before a new cell takes its place.

The brain, being the controller and coordinator of all systems and processes of our bodies, plays a very important role in making sure our cells are functioning the right way. This is very important because the cells we currently have were copied from the cell that was before it, and the new cells to be created will use the blueprint from the cells we currently have. (Remember mitosis from grade school and high school biology?)  

The brain gets the information from our body from the sensory nerves, which carry information back through the spinal cord and up to the brain. It then computes that information and sends signals back through other nerves to illicit a change, or compensation, if needed to create balance in the body. Chiropractic care helps keep those information pathways open by removing any interference that may occur.

Now, the building blocks required to create those new cells comes mainly from the food we eat. If the nutrients required for the building blocks are not being consumed, the cells can sometimes it can take the required nutrients from other parts of our bodies. This doesn’t always work to our advantage. For example, calcium is very important for regulating your heartbeat, transmitting nerve impulses, and other muscle contractions. When you are not consuming enough, calcium will be taken from your bones, which leads to diseases like rickets and osteoporosis.

What happens if we are lacking in those essential building blocks? Have you heard a computer scientist say, “garbage in, garbage out?” The same holds true in this case. Without the proper information or building blocks, the cell that is built is … well… junk! That’s how disease or sickness starts. The basis of disease is the degradation, degeneration, or mutation of healthy tissue.

It stand to reason that in order for our bodies to be healthy, to create the best copies of our cells, we need to make sure that our nervous system is functioning at 100% and that our bodies are getting the proper nutrition for the building blocks of those cells.

Although it is something you can’t always see, your body is in a constant state of change. You have a choice if that change will result in renewal or degeneration. I am here to help guide your body into a state of health and vital renewal. I can’t wait to help you on this journey toward optimal health!