"Dr. Smith is a great doctor, it is due to her treatments that I have been able to work and function. She is very thorough and easy to talk to, and answers my questions. Dr. Smith is knowledgable and professional. I feel like I am in good hands."  - Rebecca E.

"Dr. Heidi Smith’s progressive expertise in both Chiropractic and Physiotherapy provided me with latest technology-integrated treatment for a devastating Auto Injury. I had severe headache, neck pain, blocked airway, back pain, pelvic pain, and a traumatic knee injury.  Dr. Heidi Smith’s personalized treatment plan, thorough explanation, hands-on practice and thoughtful compassion are tremendously note-worthy attributes of truly a great doctor!"  – Cathryn B.

“I feel Dr. Smith is very warm & friendly. I don’t feel like I’m visiting a 'doctor,' but a very knowledgeable friend. Her pleasant demeanor is only matched with how well I feel with my adjustment after my session. She’s really wonderful.” - Garrett G.

"Dr. Smith is an excellent chiropractor. Every time I go to her office, I feel better afterwards. When I missed an appointment once, I could feel the difference. Everyone at the office is very professional and kind. I have complimented the staff on how nice and happy they always are. Dr. Smith is very nice and pleasant as well as good at what she does."  - James S.

“Dr. Smith was very thorough in her explanation of what she would do during the examination and very patient with the answers to her questions. She really takes the time to let you get comfortable and talks you through everything she does during the adjustment.” - Matthew W.

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