SP 21-Day Purification

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SP 21-Day Purification

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Kick-Start Your New Year with Good Health!

This 21-day purification program helps you purify, nourish, and maintain a healthy body and weight. The program includes a 15-minute consultation with Dr. Heidi, online support, and the following products:

  • 1  bottle of SP Cleanse–purification supplements
  • 2  canisters of SP Complete, SP Complete Chocolate, SP Complete Vanilla or 2 SP Complete Dairy Free–nutritious supplement shakes
  • 2 bottles of Gastro-Fiber or 2 Whole Food Fiber–fiber support
  • 1 SP Green Food–phytonutrients supplements
  • 1 patient purification program guide
  • 1 recyclable bag
  • 1 Blender Bottle

Supplement quantities are sufficient to cover or exceed the duration of the 21-day program.

SP Complete Flavor (Protein Shake):
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