The Ear Infection

by Heidi Smith in ,

Have you tried chiropractic?

My older daughter had an ear infection once, when she was about 3 years old. It lasted only ONE night. She woke up crying and screaming and my first instinct, as a mother and a chiropractor, was to check her spinal column for a misalignment. I checked her ears with my otoscope and saw the inflammation in the ear she was complaining about. When I checked her neck, I found a subluxation (a misalignment). I adjusted her and cuddled with her as she fell asleep again. She slept it off as her body healed, and was 100% by the morning. It's really amazing how beautifully and wonderfully made our bodies are!

One of the nerves at the top of the neck controls the muscle that makes your ears "pop" to equalize pressure. If there's pressure on that nerve from a subluxation, it can directly affect its functioning. So once that misalignment is adjusted, the nerve controlling that muscle tells it to work, any accumulated fluid can drain, and the body can function as it normally should. I've seen it in my patients and I give extra adjustments to my own daughters if they start to show symptoms.

An adjustment in babies is very gentle, usually just a little, light pressure wiggle at a certain angle clicks the little vertebra right back into place. I check my girls regularly, and adjust as needed, and they rarely get sick, because their bodies are functioning at their fullest potential. Regular checks keep symptoms away!

It's really amazing how chiropractic WORKS!